über mich

My bizarre world !!

On my farm many things happen, which don't happen in normal daily life...

- Men run outdoors....often nude

- Women, get to know an unknown lust and desire

- Fetishists live the lust, which they cannot live at home...

- Masochists love to see my personal lust in my eyes

And while the summer season life happens outdoors...
- in the garden,
- out at field,
- on the acre,
- on the dungheap,
- in the mudflat

or in the barn


my device:

mutual respect!!!

Each person comes at eye level! And this means to play the appointed game, of course I play with your boundaries, but never with your "no-go"!!!

Because only a satisfied customer will visit me again - and that is my aim!

And so I expect of you, that you inform me if you have physical disabilities or handicaps.
Even here, you will come back only if you leave my house without prejudice!

For years I have my passion, fall victim to corset: The absolutely feminine clothing for me!
I've got to know when my opponents were "confused" by my look and I use the feminine power!
Years later on the passion for latex came: the possibility of latex remodeling my body was the drive to get more custom-made clothing!

And here again it was the devotion of the men who made my heart beat faster.
A willingness to endure my sadism, to be delivered to me, to see the bright eyes of my victim, who gives himself to me, strengthen me daily in this: I have found myself, my joy, my appeal!

Only one thing you should set up: I am pleased to laugh! I enjoy it, amuse me about you and if you make me laugh, it will not stop me from humiliate you, to dominate, to humble!

Visit the Farm in the real lonelyness of Dithmarschen (Northwest in Germany)! Here you'll meet me: The unique fetishist and sadist, whose favourite is the pizzle! As soon you hear my inimitable voice, and are addicted to my femaleness, you need to see me!!!