über mich


What shall all my beautiful words, if my visitors can say it better:

TV-Susi came to life

My first time with Lady Jane
It was on a Friday, when I had made an appointment with Lady Jane.
She gave me an evening before the directions and I then made my way to her. Punctually, as Lady Jane had written, I was there with her. She sat outside in the garden and smoked one, I got out of my car and we greeted us, I sat down to her and smoked one. I looked closely at you and you liked me a lot.
We came into conversation quickly, and my fears and worries were suddenly gone, by Lady Jane
Had a peace and serenity as if we had known each other longer.
Then she said, "so now want to start with me" - we went upstairs where the rooms were and then went to the play room.
Then Lady Jane said I should undress and then I do as well and dressed as I wanted as TV girls.
We had talked about a name, I said yes but it did not immediately, because I was busy to attract myself and at the same time wanted to look everywhere. And from now on, I am the Susi at Lady Jane
I was done with everything, where Lady Jane came up to me and put on a bondage - it was a very nice feeling of Lady Jane now to be exposed.
Then I was to lie down on the couch and then it was very nice to give myself and so shipped and tied to the arms and feet of Lady Jane to be used to and this can do you very well. It was a very nice feeling as Lady Jane played on my body and also simply used to my wife and me as she wanted.
The time went way too fast, but it was very nice as I had imagined the first time, it was perfect for me.
In the end, we made another discussion, it was very nice and pleasant for us both.
And what I realized is that Lady Jane is perfect and I have found my master, who makes me gradually to the TV Susi.
Can you only say one thing goes to her in and lives what you want, without what fears or concerns and makes it and does not wait as I 2.5 years with it.

Thank you very much Lady Jane, yours TV Susi


My cyclists in latex wrote:

"Dear Lady Jane,

now but a few days have passed, until I come to a common date to reflect something. DC first, it was a brilliant experience. Unfortunately, there was indeed something in the character that I did not feel quite as well, but it detracts from the minimal. On the one hand it was enough then, on the other hand there is now also the curiosity, what could come if it were longer. What was very pleasant for me, it was the normal, the reduced NOT from the sexual experience. What I could imagine. A more intensive use of the gas mask, a more intensive physical activity ("Sport", work ....). In some situations a little more physical closeness, nothing sexual, should not necessary to be mentioned. It was a completely different experience of rubber, it is something that makes me any other recent studio visit, appear in a different light, it was here pure fetish, being in rubber, which I love so much (but admit until now have seen anything yet in it again). What was so important to me there, you are so, you do not play what one indeed so often experienced. In addition, the weather was so to beautiful one sweats as rubber slave.

In the foreseeable future, nothing is planned right now, but I'm so excited, I can imagine because ... MORE me. Wherein the on longer then relates more easily to feel what it is like to live ... rubber. as a matter of course ... you were so conveys, in a great atmosphere, a great location. Since we know each other, I could now imagine that I already "must" arrive gummed ... how I should practice it is the not be of concern.

Thank you again for the beautiful hours.

Cyclists G "



A meeting with Lady Jane

There I was, in a secluded apartment. Across from me, the woman I meet in real life for some time, wanted Lady Jane. Actually, I was not sure what I wanted at all there. Experiences I had barely. Therefore, we had agreed a multi-day stay with her. It is already surrendered everything she said. The whole time I should wear a chastity belt.
After just a few minutes, I could well imagine that this woman will not be trifled with. Still, I was very curious how it will evolve when two people come together who do not know personally, and the outcome of the game from the very beginning it is clear though unspoken. She manages to describe in one short sentence: it embodies the classic image of a beautiful woman.
Then let's see, get undressed, I heard her say. You gotta be sporting? Well, then it will be all the more painful when I'm editing you. On the muscles it burns even more. First, we test times the spanking bench with you. And why not, too bad it will not even be, was my first thought. After she had seen me, she decided to blows with the flat of his hand and the paddle. I did not think that that can hurt so much. I already complained, was bound helpless on the box and brought them to even breast clamps with weights. Although it was almost unbearable for me yet, but I managed it between all my whining constantly grinning stupidly.
I grinned at her in the face, looked her straight in the eye here and I thought, we'll see yet where all this takes us. As soon as possible now again not with me. She laughed even, but in her eyes I could see already that it would give her a lot of fun to show me why I was doing here. You probably guessed it already, where my weakness lay.
Then again in the evening a session. I felt his legs from the beatings in the morning it still hurt. She did, however, continue anyway. This time even more with the clamps on the nipples. A couple of times I screamed and I fell on her shoulder, so she stops. She did luckily. As often as that morning I grinned at this time no more.
We'll see what I'm doing with you tomorrow, she said. Slowly it went downhill with my self-confidence, but my admiration for this woman went to the same extent. Strange feeling.
The next day they tied me only on legs and hands, plus a gag and a blindfold. So they left me about 2 hours, and a call time thinking about why I was here ....
It occurred to me then suddenly. I wanted to include her for her fun to be there. She had on the whole time, which I could see in her blue eyes. It struck me, however, not just a why I was there, no, it was suddenly part of my desire her. I could hardly believe it.
Suddenly, I was just thankful that they occasionally looked at me and after a few blows and just treatment of the nipples was just me and looked at me. I was happy. The whole situation was absurd. Now here I was tied up and she begs to be allowed to belong to it, while I was still a day before full of arrogance and clever sayings about the world, if we were talking during the breaks. She also gave me to understand that she had already guessed this outcome and said dryly: So now you know what you want and think probably not that you ate the crayon in the box.
He was my weak point. That one sentence had been sufficient. A frontal attack on hard and my confidence, my sense of superiority and my latent contempt for so many things. As if they had known it.
I was indifferent to everything now, let me in on the game and gave three or four hours to completely let myself fall. They caught me and everything was just wonderful.
Finally, a session in the evening as. This time I was presented with a mask as her property on webcam. It was getting crazy and I did it all with a real pleasure.
The next day I was tied up again and just left lying there. She came again and again over time, worked me and I asked her then even requested that they take me but just beside him and chained to the desk, just so I can be with her. I was all the time aware that I can trust her completely and let it all happen.
In the evening, the last session. That was the most intense. I never thought that something like this is even possible. She laid me on the bed, took her strap-on and started. At the same time and again, my nipples turn. After the last times they had already become so sensitive that need very little more was necessary to be burned and hurt like hell. I had no idea how much time passed, 10 minutes, 20? And again her stunning voice that accompanied the whole.
She picked up the chastity belt and asks me if I want to laugh I choose the pleasure or for more pain. They gave me free choice. I knew it but no longer wanted it all at once. That was not only unfortunately. I was completely overwrought. My blood boiled formally. Heat and confusion everywhere. My emotions went haywire. I wanted to experience everything at once: lust, desire, pain, touch, devotion, submission. My sympathy for this woman rose to incomprehensible. What happened there? I could not remember.
That was definitely too much for me and gave me the rest a total loss of control of my emotions began. Everything got messed up and I had tears running down his cheeks. You caught me on wonderful and put my ego back together gently, after they had broken up like a sheet of paper.
These few days have been looking back and so incredibly intense that I will surely make again on the way to meet them.


Letter of one of my masochistic visitors in the South:

To be honest, an almost astonishing masterpiece. Felt from the intensity of the pain I would have expected stronger marks but in terms of marks it would have been no problem for me with more "colourful" marks. And yet the intensity of pain was absolutely high enough in terms of demanded willpower. That nearly sounds like a paradoxon. The intensity ogf pain was so strong that I wouldn't beg for more even a few days later. It was really touching the limits, much harder to endure than the marks can suppose. And this was really special. How often in the past I thought - gifted with heavy marks - "well, if the marks wouldn't have been so bad I could have endured even harder." And exactly this feeling doesn't apply this time.

I've been thinking about that again and again, sometimes en passant and sometimes very intense. You know, it was just incredibly fitting that you have driven me into total devotion or just admitted it. Intuitively it was my burning desire to live and to experience deep devotion. It was exactly what I needed. The confirmation that I still can let go, that I am able to fall down into your responsibility and to feel my ability to still giving very deep feelings. Fight - or interrogation, it wouldn't have fitted at all. Even if you really live these roles, get lost in them - it's still a role play, a facade, as we all build and live daily. As you said - I am not really able to lie. Only complete devotion makes me feel naked, reduced to what I really am. Only in deep devotion any kind of facade, calculating and theatrical acting is (at least almost?) cut off.

Even shouting wouldn't have been fitting to the situation. The need to suffer in silence, letting the pain deep down inside myself - while I was trapped in your eyes - draw myself towards absolute devotion.

Crying means to rage oneself out, it is a catalyst for the pain, it can be liberating but it just distracts from the essentials. Suffering quiet, having to show self-control, forcing oneself to accept the mental bondage intensified the devotion enormously. But at the same time it also inhibits the fighting spirit. I think that your dominant nature and determinant behaviour really matched in a fantastic way to my deepest desires.


Flagellant Oli

"Here's my experience report from flogging in November 2010 known as the divine Corset Goddess Lady Jane!

Now it was so the time and had after many previous emails now Lady Jane on the phone. I told her that I was on the way to Hamburg, and would like to book a session. On the phone I was already enchanted her voice very expressive and harmonic, I called her once again to tell her about my tastes and the deadline for 5 p.m.. I told her about my favour to a hard cane treatment with marked trails and would like to receive her Golden Shower. On the phone she told me already, she do not hope that I'm a wimp, because they had sufficiently, and they wanted to again let off steam. I said only that it can come down on me really hard.
Thus, the deadline was confirmed and I was full of anticipation. Once in Hamburg, I took a taxi and off we went to beautiful Schleswig Holstein to the paradise of pleasure. Arrived at noon I watched for about the beautiful area, and prepared myself for the session!
Just in time at 5 p.m. I met by Lady Jane personally a really great appearance sitting next to me and we drove to her home that is a beautiful, secluded farm, and then we went into the kitchen to the so-called preliminary. Because I once again expressed my wishes and she told me that she is a sadist who loves to punish hard. You could see a smile in your face. I was pretty hot because I had already been experiencing a lot of punishments, but with her I wanted it really hard with clear traces. Then it went off and they led me into a room like drawn. A great facilities, great equipment.
Then she took her collection of canes, wow, that was really at its best. But one she mentioned specifically, they called him the evil. It was a pizzle. Where she noted with a grin on his face, which concluded with the full force is used, they called him the Cruel. She was right.
Now it was time and I was lying on a couch with a straw bale, which replaces the spanking bench really one to one! Since I had the desire times to be filmed during a punishment I met Lady Jane's desire very much and brought it into position!
First they hit me with the hot hand and a paddle, but then came the first peeled already used. Already the first shots were me feel your strong, sadistic handwriting. Full solid there was in the first two rounds yet, but then she said the 3 pass, it would now really open the throttle and pull full of the unpeeled. Now let her always hard blows raining 100 on my ass and legs, I heard only the angels sing, but she let the cool completely and increased the intensity and the number of strokes. 970 shots I got to feel and after they had beaten me to a pulp, it proceeded to the final round to start. This should be as beautiful as they said are the most cruel. After 5 minutes of recovery time for my ass full of anticipation they came to tell me now to use the pizzle hard and cruel to beat my ass.
No idea how many shots were there I was in any case only a battered piece of meat she punishes now really hard. Thus, the session was finished and I had quite a pain getting up and a beautifully streaked ass. She was very pleased with this first session and told me that I was still room for improvement and they could even let loose and based on our next date is already looking forward to. Pee there was no more, as time was short. If, however, involved the next time. Then treated well and the next day showed me Lady Jane still a little bit of the beautiful state of Schleswig Holstein and at noon we went back to Hamburg!

My conclusion: This lady is super nice pre and post-performance and incredibly attractive, takes a lot of time and is very attentive. During the session but they can get out your sadism, and then you get to feel the full impact.

I'm 100 percent again in order to increase the session.

Lg Oli

Rubber loving Northern man:

"When I drove the first time to Jane, I was a little excited. But after the warm welcome and the first cup of coffee, the excitement was gone. The reception was very friendly and Jane was found to be very open - we went after cup of coffee and a nice conversation then to the point. Jane spoiled me very much and of course, I enjoyed it very much. The whole ended in a wet end;)
The visit was definitely a lot of fun and was very cool. I will visit Jane again and again!"

Foot licking slave Rudolf:

"The Internet Forum SM Hamburg, I read a personal ad, it will be looking for slaves. I applied and was invited as a slave. In the "farm of pleasure" you can find anything that pleases the heart of a mistress and the slaves. Delightful rooms at over 300 square meters. In addition to Lady Jane, other ladies were present. The ladies had dressed super cool and set the scene, the slaves had to strip naked and have started out first game. Among other things, a male pig per tractor mower was captured by the host, 3 slaves were led by Lady Jane in the dog leashes "walkies". Lady Jane, it has given me really great pleasure to have to kiss and lick your boots and great leather. Many many thanks. And then you also had the lead and riding crop in hand ... wonderful. Then we had 3 dogs licking slave even the boots, heels and soles, just delicious and very demeaning. Incidentally, the weather was also ordered terrific with 23 degrees. Have you noticed also that I could lick naked little later (with a penis cage) under the sprinkler, the nylon-feet of the other lady, she rubbed against me and popped my head with your feet in the dirt / mud? Later I was even allowed to enjoy their golden shower which she gave me the jeans. Again, many thanks for the great afternoon and I would be very happy to do something similar again.

After the terrific experience I was allowed to visit other times the farm of Pleasure and his mistress Jane. Besides boring plaster work, which was controlled by the lady again and again in between, the slave had to be (me) to boot leak problems with their pants down to services. Thank you, that you were not with the whip hit my balls really hard, I was a bit afraid, Lady Jane. Later in the evening was by you, Lady Jane, presented at the front of the webcam while amusing themselves with other chatters. I was treated with the riding crop on my stomach, thighs, buttocks and soles. They opened the penis chastity cage and played at my cock and balls. The common small pinwheel used it to my genitals, which was new to me. Also new for me was that you had given me spit in my mouth. It was so beautiful and I would like to experience again. I got braces on my nipples, which I like very much. When I could still cum on your Latex-stockinged feet, and was allowed to lick my own juices, the evening was perfect. Of course I was after I got me clean, again locked away in the penis cage.
Thanks for the great super nice afternoon. I was very happy, I had repeated my fun and it was a really nice comfortable and of course super horny afternoon.
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience, I look forward to the future.
Your obedient foot licking slave Rudolf"

Slave D, leak-and NS (golden shower)-slave:

"I am a slave D., leak-and NS-slave of dominatrix Lady Jane. When I met the Domina LadyJane real, I took the chance and went there to her. The directions she sent me were very easy to understand and therefore I arrived on time at her farm. The estate where she lives is very large and offers a variety of options to "play". When I arrived at her, she greeted me first as normal, it was the first time that I was real with her.
Then we have talked and she showed me then my property where I can sleep in the evening.
Domina Lady Jane is a really randy wife, I enjoyed the time where I was with her, more as comrades and am really looking forward to this meeting to be repeated soon and our commitment to strengthen even more.
In the sessions, she is more rigor than dominatrix and knows how to have a slave to run and take, so that the slave is delivered entirely hers. She is a mature dominatrix and this coupled with her experience and rigor makes her a perfect dominatrix in many ways. And I'll never forget the time which spent with her.

And each person who has written with the Domina Lady Jane before, chatted, emailed, or has perhaps already called her, take your courage together and meet her real you will become addicted to her!

Furthermore, I would still thank very much to the Domina Lady Jane for the great time I could spend with her and look forward to repeating this giant soon, thank you.

Sincerely and humbly, slave D."